Cubism is a style of art which aims to show all of the possible viewpoints of a person or an object all at once. It is an early-20th-century avant-garde art movement that revolutionised European painting and sculpture, and inspired related movements in music, literature and architecture. Cubism has been considered the most influential art movement of the 20th century.

Inspired after re-reading the vital 1969 essay “the Moment of Cubism” by John Berger in which he differentiates between the Moment and the movement. Berger’s analysis of the invention of a world-view at that time helps put these other factors into perspective.

“The Cubists imagined the world transformed, but not the process of transformation.”

Shockingly poignant even now, some 50 years a later.

On the reverse of this garment is an excerpt from Piccaso's famous large scale cubist oil painting Guernica, regarded by many art critics as one of the most moving and powerful anti-war paintings in history. This work has gained a monumental status, becoming a perpetual reminder of the tragedies of war, an anti-war symbol, and an embodiment of peace.

What do Cubsim, Americana and Guernica have in common?
Find out by wearing this classic organic long sleeve.

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